Waterways Transmission 13

Sunday January 28th 2018
7:00 pm—9:00 pm

This is our thirteenth Waterways event and will introduce a new dimension to the listening format we have been exploring.

From the beginning, Waterways has been an experiment in how we orient ourselves toward music and how posture directs our ability to receive and feel beauty. If music is the most clear language of emotion, we have wanted to create a format that allows us to experience it completely. Establishing the precepts of Waterways has allowed us to begin expanding the forms of sound and composition in the narrative.

On Sunday, Jerod Rivera will be integrating a diverse range of texture, rhythm, and pattern with a modular synthesizer rack along side Grayson Stebbins during the set. Modular synthesizers are an inherently improvisational tool that create limitless variations for modifying sound waves. This will be the first example of a collaborative Waterways set and we hope you can join us.

No two sessions are ever the same. Each stands on its own, featuring different music and different energy. If the event is sold out, you can always attend the next one. There will be no information about the music that will be played before the event, but a tracklist will be released afterwards.