Asking for support is new to us, and in the long term, we plan to build Problem Library into a self-sustaining organization. Right now we are at a pivotal point.

The resources we need are greater than what we can provide ourselves and its critical we pursue the opportunities in front of us. Asking for help from our community is not easy, nor is the responsibility we assume in making the best possible use of the help we receive.

Over the past three years we have established a clarity in our mission and perspective, enlisted the support of dedicated volunteers and advisors, and gained a wellspring of energy and inspiration that we deeply believe will take Problem Library into the next chapter.


Moving Forward

On Wednesday, February 13th, a record amount of rain fell across San Francisco and our space at 1288 15th Avenue took on extensive flooding and subsequent damage.

After considering all of our options, Problem Library has decided to renovate and expand its space. We have drawn up plans to redesign our upstairs office and remove the dividing wall to increase the size of the downstairs gallery and library. As part of our negotiations with the building owner, Problem Library will also extend its lease by five years.

We see the opportunity to rebuild our space to further communicate the values Problem Library has been built on and make room for our growth as an organization.

Learn more about the flood.