Saturday April 27th 2024 ↘
A day of talks, screenings, and observation.

The second Too Much Information (TMI) featured a walk, open discussions, and two short film screenings that explore what can be gained through observation.

More details are available on the TMI website:


Participants included:

Airis Encarnacion, Renee Choi, Steve Terry, Rebekah Kim, Daniel Lucas, Elisabeth Nicula, Roberto Greco, Nate Zack, and Tamara Chu.

The theme for TMI #002 was Observation.

There are two ways to define observation: as viewer or as commentator. These are not two sides of the same coin, but a river and its banks. Observation invites us in and gifts us new vistas.

Through observation we find beauty, connection, and value in all things. Through our observations we define, inspire, and cultivate the world we believe in. When we observe, the world imbues us with spirit and we add our uniqueness to its shape. Observation is the path toward a deeper fellowship with the world.

What can be gained through our observation of the world? How can we create in accordance with our observations? Where can observation take us?