Friday December 16th 2022 ↘
Problem Library Benefit Art Show.

Since its inception, the process and ideas behind Problem Library have been informed by artists. In the development of our programs we look to build integrity of process which in turn has brought together people of a shared mindset and approach.

Many of the artists in this show have done [working] projects in the past or volunteered as mentors for Problem Children. Their active involvement across the organization has built new knowledge and expanded the core understanding of how Problem Library functions.

More importantly, they have been integral voices in the ongoing conversation of where Problem Library goes from here.

Thank you to all the artists who have been part of Problem Library and who have donated their work to support our programs in 2023.

Drinks will be served alongside a selection of Problem Library merchandise and objects.
The show will feature work from artists across the Problem Library community.

Artists Showing:

Will Thomson
Vanha Lam
Catherine Ko Chen
Jeff Masamori
Danica Taylor
Peter Combe
Emily Gui
Blake Conway