Our programs are long–term experiments that help us better understand the areas of creative practice, education, and cultural infrastructure.

Programs are designed to create contexts, foster knowledge, and gain experience in ways that get us closer to understanding the root causes of large-scale problems.

Our approach is to remain curious and view problems not as obstacles, but as opportunities to learn and grow. This methodology informs how we strengthen existing programs and experiment in new areas.

View the list below to learn more about our current programs.

People need new tools to work with rather than tools that ‘work’ for them.

— Ivan Illich

Active programs
title description areas
Problem Children A creative mentorship program for young Bay Area artists, that provides guidance in developing creative projects and growing skills. Education
[working] Converting vacant retail spaces into temporary artist studios and exhibition spaces to bring art and culture to the street-level experience of San Francisco. City building
Too Much Information A twice yearly event series that brings together an intergenerational mix of creative voices aimed at nurturing a more robust, thoughtful, and healthy creative community. Education
Experiments Special projects and time-based experiments. Other