Sunday March 11th

3—5:00 pm

a dance performance by
Cali & Co Dance

Problem Library is excited to host a dance performance for the first time in the space. Cali & Co Dance will be presenting the series PRACTICE:ADAPT in a two part performance.



Home, identity and adapting are at the forefront of CALI & CO Dance’s new work, featuring 12 dancers accompanied by live music from Matt EL. The series is a process of practiced choreography then adapted to new and unconventional spaces, big and small, indoor and outdoor; expanding ideas of survival, creativity, embodiment and community by expressing their innate relationships and role in our everyday experiences.

PRACTICE:ADAPT at Problem Library will bring its own set of challenges as the dancers navigate unconventional walls, books, corners, lofts and sidewalks in and around the space. The performance will take place in two parts, giving the audience a chance to rotate from inside to outside in order to experience the adapted choreography from both perspectives.

Featuring Current Company Members & Performers:

Jennifer Meek Satoh (Choreographer), Ryeon Hwa Yeo, Ayana Yonesaka, and Chrisitne Cali (Choreographer)


Guest Artists 2017-2018:

Rose Alicia, Tamara Chu, Kyle Her, C.J. Logel, Elena Martins, Farrah McAdam, Jasen Valdez, Jamie Nakama, Shareen Ryan, Meegan Hertensteiner