Group Text: The Solace of Open Spaces

Sunday March 18th 2018—Sunday March 18th 2018
3:00 pm—4:30 pm

Group Text is our version of a book club without the books. In their place, we work with stand-alone essays and exerpts of larger texts that can be read in a short amount of time and explored in-depth, together. Literature is chosen by us or a member of our community; discussion is led by someone with the knowledge and perspective to guide a conversation through each text.

On Sunday March, 18th we will discuss The Solace of Open Spaces by American author Gretel Ehrlich. An essay on the authors experience working in rural Wyoming and her thoughts on the nature of space, time and our cultual heritage as Americans. The Solace of Open Spaces was recommended by Ian Long who will lead discussion.

The text can be found here. Please read and, if you are able, print out a copy beforehand – we will also have printed copies availabe at Problem Library during usual business hours before the 18th.