Foreign Drama

Saturday April 14th 2018
7:30 pm—10:00 pm



Foreign Drama is an event concentrated on electronic music produced by women from strong influences of cultures outside of America. Ose and RVC will be performing experimental live sets.

Ose is new to the music production world, but quick to make her mark by releasing her EP called Just a Feeling in March 2018. She will highlight the night with her live looped Hindi vocals and modular gear.

“Ose aims to arouse emotional responses similar to when we first realized, in childlike play, that the world is kinda pretty. Their lush synths create an aura of familiarity & comfort, with just enough hair-raising elements of glitch. Their voice is like water, flowing through compositions with ebbs and swallows, bringing hindustani classical to life in modern electronica.”

RVC will open the night with her ongoing project exploring her broken mother tongue, Lithuanian, along with six other languages that are always surrounding her. These many languages confuse one another, obscuring order. Expressing it through sound allows one to organize and understand the mess that it is.