Foreign Drama

Saturday May 26th 2018—Saturday May 26th 2018
8:00 pm—11:00 pm


Rachel Laws

Foreign Drama is an event series of female electronic musicians from strong influence of cultures outside of America. Viewfinder and RVC will be performing experimental live audio/visual sets.

RVC will open the night with her ongoing audio/visual work along with a collaborative projection/dance performance by Rachel Laws. Music by RVC explores her broken mother tongue, Lithuanian, along with other languages that constantly surround her. These many languages confuse one another, obscuring order. Expressing it through sound allows her to organize and understand the mess that it is.

Viewfinder tinkers with rhythms and resonances, exploring synthetic landscapes inspired by homes both near and far—from the marshes of the Bay to the rolling pastures of rural Russia to the depths of the darkest urban dance floors. Glistening drones and churning bass lines make up textures “both for the relentless dancer and the introspective space cadet.” Viewfinder will be performing her first live set with all new material written since the release of her EP antibody/annex.