[1065 Mission St.]
Borderline Art Collective

July 2019 — August 2019

  • + 1065 Mission St. generously donated by SOMA Residences
  • + 1,273 sqft
  • + SOMA neighborhood

Slow Build —

an evolving fine art exhibition


Beginning in July, Borderline will install a selection of their work in the gallery space, choosing works that play off each other formally or conceptually. At regular intervals, they will augment or replace what is on view, and invite a handful of Bay Area artists to create, and install, responses to existing work and the space.

Each artist invited will create work that responds to the environment and current installation. They will then install their work with power to rearrange the installation or create extensions and modifications to works, contributing to an ecosystem of collaboration.

Slow Build will culminate in a final exhibition, held in late-August, which will contain the echoes of amended work and shadows of those that were removed, creating a recognizable through-line of art works. This traceable, and physical, lineage of works illuminates how space and function are mutually defining; interiors are built to serve utility, and practices adjust to their spatial context.

Through this partnership with [working], the mid-Market neighborhood, and Bay Area artists, Borderline is activating their mission of engaging with a broadening range of communities to make art more visible, accessible, and meaningful to the greater public.