Waterways Transmission 24

Sunday December 23rd 2018
7:00 pm—9:30 pm
at Problem Library

Waterways 24 will feature music by Maribou State, Bicep, Orbital and many others. A selection of field recordings from recent travels will be included.

Waterways is a live mix series with music spanning many genres. The event encourages full presence with music. You will be taken on a journey through space, through time, and through yourself. It is an opportunity to sit, alone and open, carried into to whatever experience arises (beauty, sadness, elation, respite, calmness, et al).

On the night of the event, you will be guided into comfort with tea or water, then guided to a place to sit, then requested to calm your nerves and listen. The mix will last about one and a half hours, spanning genres and sources, featuring both music and field recordings from around the world, with sounds from nature and various other sources.

Be prepared to exercise mindfulness. No talking. Whisper in ears if communication is absolutely necessary.

– Doors at 7:00
– Starts at 7:30
– Ends around 9-9:30
– Be quiet, mindful
– BYOB if you like, but don’t get sloppy

The venue
Problem Library has been designed for an optimal listening experience (i.e. all high fidelity gear, comfortable seating, considered atmosphere) and is comprised of many components:

  • 2x Zu-Audio Soul Superfly Mk. 1-B high dynamic range speakers
  • Elekit TU-879S tube amplifier
  • Rane Sixty Two mixer
  • 2x Technics SL-1200 turntables
  • 2x Pioneer XDJs

Refunds and transfers
We do not offer refunds. However, you are welcome to send an email to office@problemlibrary.org and transfer your ticket to a friend.


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